Cyber Crooks Using PowerShell Commands to download Malware through PowerPoint File

The PC security experts have detected a PowerPoint File which downloads malware in the PC as soon as victim hover a link and interestingly it doesn’t require any macro script for this. This PowerPoint file is circulated through email with an attachment and the subject line is RE:Purchase orders #69812″ or “Fwd:Confirmation”. Read More 

Malware Advertising is Turning out to be New Exploit kit for Hackers

Last year, 2016 was the horrible time for cyber-experts because there was more than 123% growth in malware advertising. Earlier, the malware advertising was not considered very dangerous but this was an eye-opener and dangerous as well. It is turning out to be a huge threat for Online privacy and data security. This year, malvertising will continue to be a powerful exploit kit for cyber crooks. Read More